The 2021 Virtual Challenges

The Challenge Series

Your next adventure is waiting! Choose a challenge to motivate you and reach your fitness goals.

King of Kicks

King of Kata

King of Kumite

Become the King of Kicks and get your medal and certificate!

30 days 3000 kicks!

30 Day's 300 Kata's

coming soon

Hiking Champ

Running Champ

Fitness Champ

Alone, in a group or in pairs. Take up the challenge!

31 days 200 km

Become the Running Champ of the TDA Int'l!

31 days 75 km

coming soon

The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon Challenge is the Grand Champion of the Challenges. If you have completed all the challenges and signed up for the Red Dragon, you will get the extra award.

Challenge Gift Card

Surprise your friends or family with a gift card of your choice!

How it works?

1. Choose your Challenge

2. Use your App to track your training

3. Get your medal and your certificate

  • What does the entry fee include?

    The registration price includes access to the full digital experience for your chosen challenge, finisher medal, certificate (to print) and free worldwide shipping.

    Note that additional taxes may apply for some regions.

  • Who can participate?

    Simply all. No membership is necessary. It doesn't matter which association, dojo or other institution you belong to.

    That's the point of a virtual competition, isn't it? You can literally join us from anywhere in the world and make your goal of winning the medal a reality.

  • Do I need any special software or app?

    No! You can use the software or app that suits you best or that you already work with.

    If you don't have one yet, we recommend Polar Flow.

  • Where can I register?

    You can register for the different challenges at the following link:

    >>> Registration <<<

  • What stops someone from cheating?

    We have a number of ways to detect cheaters, but we realize that no matter what we do or how we structure it, people will always be able to cheat if they want to. For example, by attaching their Fitbit to their dog!

    There are no prizes for first place.

    If someone wants to cheat, they are really just cheating themselves and wasting their money.

  • Can I register for multiple challenges?

    Yes! You can sign up for as many as you want. For such cases we have made a bundle for you with discounts.

  • Can I use different exercises for this?

    Yes - you can log any distance-based exercise you do. The most common ones we have symbols for are:

    Running (indoors and outdoors)
    Cycling (indoors and outdoors)

    Especially in the Polar Flow app you will find many different ones.

Please note! Due to the Covid-19 situation worldwide, there may be delays in shipping the medals. Unfortunately we have no influence on this.

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